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Published on:

5th Dec, 2021

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Published on:

5th Dec, 2021

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Podcast Launch Strategy
by Dimple Dang, Podcast Coach
Podcast Launch Strategy covers everything you need to launch your podcast. From tech to equipment, to marketing to interviews, Dimple covers it all. Start and launch your new podcast and position it for success.
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Dimple Dang

Dimple Dang is a passionate marketing expert that helps law firms, doctors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses take their marketing to the next level. Dimple is the Host of “Mesmerizing Marketing” and the founder of the “Reels for Lawyers Challenge” Dimple is skilled at SEO, WordPress website design, content creation, blogging, and Instagram. Dimple is also a contributing editor for “Attorney-at-Law” magazine and writes articles on online marketing and social media for the legal industry. Dimple is the founder of the “Lawyers Mastermind” club on Clubhouse and the “Mesmerizing Marketing™” club on Clubhouse. Dimple has an extensive sales and marketing background and has sold over a million dollars in PPC marketing when she was working for a nationwide marketing firm. Dimple is a professional speaker and hosts her own rooms on the Clubhouse on a regular basis. To connect with Dimple on Clubhouse, search for her by name or the handle @marketingexpert.